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Divorce & Dissolution Law Firm

Firm Overview

Dougherty, Hanneman & Snedaker, LLC ("DHS") is a Columbus, Ohio, law firm. Its practice is limited to divorce, dissolution and other family relations law (domestic relations) matters. The members of the firm are highly knowledgeable and experienced in family law.

Firm Members

The DHS law firm has three members, Douglas Dougherty, James Hanneman, and Robert Snedaker. Each member is an Ohio State Bar Association "Certified Specialist in Family Relations Law." The members have more than 65 years of combined legal experience. Each member has written and lectured on various family law topics for lawyers and non-lawyers. Also, each has served a two-year term as Chairman of the Columbus Bar Association’s Family Law Committee.

Firm Philosophy

The law firm’s philosophy is simple: "The client is the boss." The DHS law firm understands that it works for the client and that the client is the decision maker.

People often inquire of family, friends or acquaintances about their divorce, dissolution or other family law matter. Such information may or may not provide valid insight and perspective. That is because marital situations and relevant solutions are unique. Each case requires a personal legal strategy rather than a routine approach.

To develop a personal legal strategy requires that the client describe their situation candidly and for the DHS attorney to carefully listen. Then the DHS attorney uses a three-step approach to create a personal legal strategy as shown below.

  • First, the attorney educates the client regarding his or her various legal options. This includes a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • Second, the client determines which option or options are best.
  • Third, the firm’s attorneys work diligently to implement the client’s decisions.

The firm’s job is to help solve client legal problems as appropriately and expeditiously as possible.

Practice Areas – Lawsuits

Family relations law includes various types of lawsuits and issues. The DHS law firm regularly handles the following types of lawsuits.




Domestic Torts

Legal Separation




Domestic Violence




Practice Areas – Issues

In a lawsuit, various issues may be present. The DHS law firm regularly handles the following issues.

Property Division

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Debt Division

Health Insurance

Financial Misconduct

Income Taxes

Shared Parenting

College Expenses

Child Custody


Parenting Time

Grounds for Divorce

Child Support


Practice Areas – Courts and Appeals

The DHS law firm handles cases throughout the state of Ohio. However, most of the firm’s work is concentrated in central Ohio with a majority in Franklin, Delaware and Union counties. DHS regularly represents clients in various Courts of Appeals and in the Supreme Court of Ohio. DHS also represents clients in cases involving Child Support Enforcement Agencies ("CSEA") throughout the State of Ohio.

Practice Areas – Premarital Planning

Marriage creates a new set of rights and duties between spouses. Unfortunately, the legal system does nothing to inform individuals about those new rights and duties. Further, approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. To help clients with these issues, the DHS law firm provides premarital planning services. When appropriate, the firm advises its clients regarding the use of premarital (prenuptial) agreements.

Success Stories

The DHS law firm attorneys have produced successful outcomes for many family law clients. Please click here to read about success stories that reflect various family law issues. Perhaps you will see your marital issues reflected in one or more of these brief stories.

Contact Us

Please contact DHS for a confidential consultation with attorney Dougherty or Hanneman or Snedaker. Each is an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Specialist in Family Relations Law. They are three of only 115 attorneys in Ohio who have earned this designation as of January 1, 2013. Less than one-half (1/2) of one (1) percent of all family relations attorneys registered in Ohio has achieved this status!

DHS is located in a safe, convenient northwest Columbus suburb with free on-site parking. The building is west of the intersection of Sawmill Road and Bethel Road. (Bethel Road becomes Hayden Road west of the Sawmill Road intersection.) The offices are in the classic redbrick Northwest Law Offices Building:

  • next to Bravo! Cucina Italiana Restaurant,
  • on the north side of Hayden Road, and
  • east of Riverside Drive (State Route 33).

Then turn onto Donnylane Boulevard from Hayden Road. Then turn right into the parking lot behind the building. The main entrance is at the rear of the building.